Tired of courses & Theories…and just friggin want something that works?

’Daily Info Product Sales-System, is a Done for You, Fill-in-the-Blank Template Pack for Setting Up a High-Converting Info Product Business from Scratch…For Course Creators, Coaches & Affiliate Marketers”

Everything you need to set up an info product funnel…plus a step by step Instruction Videos on How to Set everything Up in a Week Using my Unique ‘’Never-Revealed-Before’’ CLAP Method

Fill-in-the-Blank Templates

Video Training

Facebook ‘’Follow Up’’ Group

Inside you’ll get

My ‘’Anti-Freebie’’ Fill-in-the blank lead magnet template for creating Killer lead magnets, packed with solid persuasion triggers that will get people to click the buy button and buy – immediately after they are done consuming your free stuff [Value: ₦20, 000]

Our special ‘’Swift-Cash’’ Fill-in-the blank Sales Letter template for Selling your Info Product and hitting your next 7 figures. We used this template to write a single Sales letter that grossed over ₦ 1M in under 7 Days [Value: ₦200, 000]

Our secret High-converting Fill in the Blank ‘’Sure-fire Upsell Copy template’’ for making your visitors buy your next product almost immediately after buying the first one [Value: ₦150, 000]

A Pack of Fill-in-the-Blank, High-converting, professionally written follow up Email swipes, tailored to work in any niche and bring in sales. Simply fill it up with your product information, copy, paste and deploy. [Value: ₦150, 000]

Ever finished a training and not know where to start to implement? Everything you get will be inside an Info Product Launch board with a step by step list of what to do. Complete instructions you can use to set up an Info Product business in a week, in a step by step order. [Value: ₦20,000]

A ‘’Hot-Offer Developer’’ Fill in the blank Cheat sheet for developing a hot offer and knowing whether or not people will buy your Info product even before you create them [Value: ₦7,000]

A One week Expert Blueprint that anyone can use to be seen as a highly sought after expert in any niche…even if you don’t have backup, testimonials or very much results.

A video training on my special ‘’Hungry Market Hook’’ research method for finding and creating HOT IN-DEMAND info Products from scratch.

An In-depth video training that takes you behind the scene to show you how to set everything up & use our unique ‘’CLAP Method’’ to build an info product funnel that brings in money every single day [Value: ₦10,000]

Total Value: ₦ 150,000
Regular Price: ₦50,000

Today’s Price: ₦18,000


This is just to hold Your Attention….There is more!

We Get Hundreds of Testimonies Like This Daily...Yours is Next!

Let us face the fact... You don’t Want another ‘’how to make money’’ course

…you don’t need to sit hours on end listening to someone talk about ‘’strategies’’….and half baked ‘’theories’’

…What you need is RESULT

How do I know this?
In the past few months I have spent over $4000 investing in courses & training packed with strategies on how to make more money…but after watching hours of those lectures I end up stuck:

‘’where do I start from…What should I do first’’

Then I end up never applying anything….and never making a dime from the training….
I know you don’t want that too…
You want a fill-in-the-blank template to follow…plus a Step by Step 100% Practical guide, and a place to reach out and ask questions when you get stuck.

You Don’t Want an Overhyped Course Filled With Everything You Already Know


‘’Make One million naira while you sleep’’….’’Make 50-200k Every time you blink’’


The sales copy is dope, so much hype, so much stuff inside – you make the transfer, you get it right away. Then you open up the course. Nothing new.
Just everything you know – like, everything you know is inside it. Money gone. Nothing learnt

Sounds familiar?

You are sick and tired of all the ‘’emergency experts’’ peddling big promises online that end up being a bunch of crap… completely useless information that you can simply find on google.

You Don’t Want to Spend Any Money Buying Something You’ll Regret

I get it, money doesn’t grow on trees and no one wants to spend their hard earned cash on something they will regret.

One thing I ask myself too before I invest in a course are:

‘’If I spend $X will I make 2x….or 3x….or even 10X the $X I spent on the course from what I will learn from the course’’

And I know you ask yourself that same question.

You don’t want to fork out money in this hard times…and just fling it in the wind.

You want a sure system for making money.

Considering all of these – I Will be 100% Straight-from-the-heart-Truthful to You

All you need to REALLY make Good Money Online is Just Make ₦14,000

And you don’t need online courses to get that results.

One – Online courses are great…but they are not enough. You need a proven to work fill in the blank template system to plug into & start using to earn right away

Two – what you need is a sure system that brings in 14,000 EVERY DAY.…come rain…come shine…come Facebook ad account ban

Get these two things and you can start an info product business in any niche you want…whenever you want…and start bringing in predictable passive income fast

''Go from Complete Newbie to Expert Without Stress''.


I found out that all I need to cover most of my expenses was JUST to find a COMPLETELY PREDICTABLE way to make ₦14,999 every day. Non Stop.

It looks like a small deal, until you do the maths.

In a week those little drops turn into ₦14,999 x 7 = ₦104,993

In a month you’d make ₦14,999 x 30 = ₦449, 970

Then if you set this SINGLE ₦449, 970 per month system up across just 2 Niches you’d have a business that sends you:

₦449, 970 x 3 = ₦899,940. Every month. Like clockwork.

This is without adding upsells. Without doing Random jobs here and there for clients.

I know what you are thinking…

‘’Yeah, Czar this sounds so great in theory but it doesn’t work like that in real life’’

Well it does – If you use my unique ‘’daily info product income strategy’’ called the CLAP Method. A completely new way of building funnel that makes everything as easy as fixing a light bulb, making sure that sales come in EVERY-DAY

Let me explain…

I found out that to make money EVERY DAY….all you need to do is just four things:

Yes, Just That!

Get New Leads Daily

Convert To Customers

Deliver Your Product

Get Them to Buy More

Simply switch ON all four at the same time, and then apply the CLAP method…and you will have a business that makes money every day. 

If one part gets weak….sales reduce.

If all parts doubles in strength….sales increase.

And if any day you get NO sales, it is usually because one or more parts out of these 4 parts is not working.

Find which part, fix just that part using the CLAP Method, and the sales comes back on again. Like a light bulb. 

Stay with me, I will break it down for you:

A Little Sneak Peek into One of Our Funnels so You Can Understand it Better

We send in just $10 in ad every day on this funnel. About 4,500 naira in today’s exchange rate.

And we get, on average, 50 leads daily.

On average 3 new subscribers, sometimes more, buys the 5,000 offer on our Thank You page. Grossing us 15,000 – Instantly
Then One out of the three that buy go on to buy our ₦9,999 Upsell. Giving us a total of ₦24,999 cashflow in one day.
Which is exactly ₦20, 499 pure profit in the bank – The same day. So the ad literally pays for itself that very same day plus profits, working this way EVERY DAY the ad is on.

And it gets sweeter.

Anyone who doesn’t buy gets our daily follow up emails for four days, landing us two, three and sometimes four more sales. On and on and on – in a cycle

As Simple as Fixing a Light Bulb​

The game is cash flow. Keep 20,499 coming in EVERY DAY and in a month you’d have made 614,970 Naira

If you switch off the Facebook ads. Fresh lead stops coming in & Sales die down.

Switch back the ads, Leads start coming in and sales come back up again.

If the ad stops working, Tweak it and set it back on again.

But that is Just the Easy Part

The hard part is building everything from scratch & knowing how to set everything up to GUARANTEE that when you switch on that Facebook ad, Sales Will Actually Come in.

Things like:

And it is a lot of work too, like:

Plus the other Gazillion and one things to track and do.

Miss one piece or do one part wrongly and you get ZERO sales
This the part where a lot of people get stuck, grow frustrated and then give up on info products.

But What if You Get a Proven Template System That Removes the Guess Work & is proven to Work When You Just Plug it in...

Because let us face it, selling info product is a sweet way to make money.

You don’t pay for products.
You don’t pay for shipping,
You don’t even physically deliver anything – everything can be automated to go out immediately someone pays.

But the problem that holds most people back is the work involved.

And even when you put in the work, it is still not a guarantee that things will work.

But Imagine if all that work….and all that uncertainty is made to go away and you are handed a complete template system to use and quickly build and REPLICATE profitable info product business that pay you daily…

You can set up an info product in whatever niche you want, and even move fast and easily with total confidence that the funnel will convert

Introducing the Daily Info Product Sales-System

Everything you need to set up an info product funnel…plus a step by step Instruction Videos on How to Set everything Up in a Week Using my Unique ‘’Never-Revealed-Before’’ CLAP Method

To get you results QUICKLY, We have finally broken down, CLAP Method, our Unique processes for building high converting info product funnels into ‘’fill-in-the-blank’’ Templates that anyone can use to build their own info product businesses.

Total Value: ₦ 150,000
Regular Price: ₦50,000

Today’s Price: ₦18,000


My name is Mr. Czar; I have helped more than 150 clients build highly profitable info product businesses across various niches just this year alone.

Do you think anyone can do that kind of work from scratch?

It is hard to do it for just one person, talk more of all the clients that come to hire our services every month.

Using my CLAP Method I simply mapped out what works and what doesn’t – then turned everything into fill-in-the-blanks template. That way whenever I get a new client, I simply fill in the blanks with the client’s information and deliver….bringing them totally insane results FAST.

Those exact templates I use are the things you get – and it covers everything from the most basic stuff like how to research a hot product to advanced stuff like fill-in-the-blanks Funnel copy templates!

But I won’t just stop at giving you templates, you will also get ruggedly effective video training on how to set everything up in a step by step manner, so you don’t get confused about where to start.

Plus access to a Facebook group where you can ask all your questions when you get stuck.

Best Part? Inside the Daily Info Product We don’t Just Cover the Copy – we also cover THE 4 Pillars for Designing a Killer info Product Funnel

This is Packed with Everything You Need to Get Started Today

Watch Our Student’s Review 

Here Is What Is Inside The Daily Info Product Sales-System

Info Product Checklist & Launch Planner Board

Have you ever taken a training…or read something online and ended up CONFUSED, and not knowing where to start? I bet this is why you never get to implement and bring in any results from all those training sitting idly in your hard drive. Right?
Anyhoos, that problem ends here – we finally solved the problem of NOT knowing where to start with our totally innovative ‘’Info Product Checklist and Launch Planner Board’’
All the templates and instructions you need to build your Info product funnel has been arranged for you in a Trello Board….in the exact step by step order you need them. So you can

  • Never be overwhelmed or confused about where to start again
  • Find building info product funnels easy

It is like having an assistant arrange your to-do task for you so you can pick a step, finish it then quickly move to the next.

‘’Anti-Freebie’’ Fill-in-the-Blank Lead Magnet Template

To build an info product business you need a list. And to build a list you need a Lead magnet.
But the problem most people face is that subscriber’s come in, read the lead magnet and then leave without buying. Leaving you with months and months of growing auto-responder debts that you can’t pay for.
But what if there was a way that you can create a lead magnet that immediately turns on the buy button in your subscribers’ head?
We have built just that for you INSIDE the Daily-Info-Product-Sales system – complete with psychological triggers, so you can:

  • Quickly insert your own details and create lead magnets FAST.
  • Create lead magnets that is guaranteed to make your subscribers snap up your product without just eating up your free stuff, then clean mouth and leave

‘’Swift-Cash’’ Fill-in-the-Blank Sales Copy Template

The major problem with selling info-product is convincing TOTAL strangers to trust you enough or want your product enough to give you money upfront. Master how to do this and you will never go broke. But mastering this takes time. So I decided to knock off all the time and learning curve by giving you a full blown fill in the blank template to use for your offers and get your subscribers to snap up your front end product quickly. In fact, the sales letter you are reading now was written with the exact same template. And we also used it to create the sales letter for one of our products, swipefilebox, which did a solid 7 figure in less than a week.

Fill-in-the-Blank ‘’Sure-fire Upsell Copy template’’

Although your first product can make you a lot of money, the real magic happens when a buyer buys another product after buying the first one. Get this right and you’d be able to QUICKLY be super-profitable selling info products when you hit the ground running. However, you need THE RIGHT upsell and the RIGHT copy for it. This where I come in. I’ll teach you how to get the right upsell, and give you the EXACT ‘’Sure-Fire Upsell copy template’’ to sell it with

A Pack of Fill-in-the Blank Money Printing Email Swipes

Let us say you manage to do everything else, not everybody will still buy immediately. Some need a little nudging and follow ups. And this is why you need follow up emails. But writing the right follow up emails from scratch takes a lot of work, plus you need the right psychological triggers sprinkled in the right places to get it to work. If you want to start from scratch, this can slow you down, hold you back or worse – make you procrastinate the whole process. You need templates that you can fill in with your own information and use at once. And not just templates but professionally written templates that actually works. That is exactly what you get inside the pack of fill-in-the-blank money printing email swipes

Fill-in-The-Blanks Hot Offer Developer:

The reason why some people make a lot of money selling info products & others don’t is THE OFFER. You need to know how to find what people will buy and exactly what to say to them to make them buy (Notice how much you want this offer). What should be in the front end and what should be an upsell – plus the RIGHT PRICE to sell everything. This is the difference between Offers that don’t sell and others people kill to buy. So how do you Find & create a Hot Offer? Enters Hot Offer Developer. It is a fill in the blank market research template for crafting your offers FAST and so accurately your target audience will feel the offer was made just for them

Fill-in-the-Blank High-Converting Funnel Planner

What should you sell first in your funnel, what should follow immediately, what should you price it? What should your offer comprise of? This can get really confusing sometimes – and sometimes you sell what you should sell first and as an upsell and get little or no sales. Or your offer is so weak little or nobody buys We have designed a Fill-in-the-blank Funnel planner for you so you are able to see every part of your funnel before you build it out. The front end product, the Upsells – everything. Using the High Converting Funnel planner, in just one afternoon, you can crank up hit offers that people will fall over themselves to buy – and be sure it will sell like CRAZY.

We have done all the Heavy Lifting for You So You Can Just Move in, Earn & Keep All the Profit

But there is more!

The Bonuses we have loaded up For You are Worth Even More Than the Main Offer

Bonus #1: One Week Expert Blueprint

Starting out in a niche and have ZERO track record? No testimonials? And nobody has heard about you? This is a problem a lot of people face, making you feel like a fraud and not good enough to sell an info product & This usually holds most people back from building their own info product business. What if there was a way to be seen as an expert, and to actually feel confident to teach other people and charge for it? This is why I’ll show you how to we use super cheap Facebook ads, both for ourselves and clients, to blaze into any niche and dominate FAST.

Bonus #2: 2 Step Quick Money Sales Funnel

Don’t have time to build out a full funnel and just want to start making money quickly? I’ll show you how to quickly slap together a 2 step sales funnel that instantly gets you sale so you can quickly plug in and start earning. And I will even throw in the whole fill in the blank templates you can use too so you hit the ground running.

Bonus #3: One Line Expert Positioning Pitch

Is it possible to say ONE LINE of sentence that instantly make people want to work with you, give you money for your service or buy your product? The answer is hell yeah! I know it sounds almost unbelievable and completely impossible. But I swear to you, it is true and it works so well. In fact this one line positioning pitch is strategically hidden all over this sales letter and it is very likely the reason why you want to invest in this program right now. When you get this ONE line expert positioning pitch you will become more sought after and make 5x more than what you do now doing the same thing you do.

Bonus #4: Unique Offer Formula

Information is FREE everywhere. On YouTube, google and from every random person posting on Facebook. So how do you get people to leave YouTube, leave Google and actually pay money to get access to your own information? The answer is ‘’The Unique Offer Formula’’. This is the secret sauce I use to generate completely new and unique ideas that are absolutely ‘’UnGooglable’’. Such that they cannot get it ELSEWHERE but from me. And I will show you how to rock this formula like a boss inside The Daily Info Product Sales System

Bonus #5: Straight Line Daily Cash Flow Blueprint – CLAP Method.

This is where I go in-depth to show you the 7 moving parts that need to be in place to ensure that when you turn on Facebook ad you will become profitable almost immediately. One major problem most people have is that they kick start their info product business and nobody buys. They turn on ads, Facebook bills accumulate, and subscribers enter their email list yet NO Sales. Nothing. Just cricket sounds. The reason is because you don’t build your funnel with ‘’The Straight Line Daily Cash Flow Blueprint’’. I’ll show you how to use it, and apply it to the templates I will give you - so you can finally unlock the much elusive info product income.

Bonus #6: Automated High-Ticket Conversion Formula

Do you want to sell anything priced from 50,000 naira upwards? This is where the money is. High ticket products are a quick way to raise big bucks. But the problem is it is hard to sell. It takes a different type of persuasion to sell a 50,000+ naira plus product than a low ticket item between 5,000 naira to 50,000 naira. But I know you will love to learn how it is done, and so that is why I am going to teach you how it is done too

Bonus #7: Magic Sales Method.

What makes one copy do well, and another fail? What is the secret behind how one person is able to write killer copy and another person can’t. Why does someone copy a good marketer’s funnel, copies his product and everything but NEVER makes as much money as the marketer himself. The answer are ‘’Psychological Triggers’’ Copywriting Words alone don’t sell, it is the psychology infused in the words that make people buy. I finally studied everything I do, everything that brings me the most results and I sieved everything and put them INTO a step by step process called Magic Sales Method. Inside, I will expose everything for you.

Bonus #8: Complete Info Product Traffic Guide:

Crafting the offer and the funnel, but at the end of the day you need TRAFFIC. But the thing is, you can’t run the same type of traffic strategy as you’d run that of an e-Com product. It requires a totally different approach. I’ll show you how to run all of your ads and retargeting so you can find people with money in hand, ready to find your info-product No fluff. No long talk. Just what works?

Bonus #9: Done for Your Webinar Slide Deck & Script.

One thing that will hold people back from buying anything from you online is TRUST! Especially when you sell info products. But if you want them to trust you and buy from you - the FASTEST way to do it is through a Video. And a webinar! Think about it, who will you rather trust? A Faceless seller of eBooks or someone teaching you something on video? Video of course. But crafting a webinar from scratch is so much work, you need to create the slides, add all the buying psychological triggers and then figure out what to say. But what if you had all the slides done for you, with the right triggers to make people buy, complete with the script so you know exactly what to say and when! Done! I’ll give you a Done for you slides & a script to with it

Bonus #10: Complete Set up Guide

I know not everyone pick things up fast, so I’ll be going through everything one by one. Showing you how to hook things up easily. A simple yet very useful instructional guide on how to set up your own info product business that not just people who have experience can use but even complete newbies and anyone who don’t pick this up fast. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward and re-watch over and over again. Everything from how to create your info products, to how to design your funnel, write your copy and run your traffic

Bonus #11: A Fully Attended Facebook Support Group

Have any questions? Run into any block while setting up your daily cash info product business? It is absolutely normal you will have questions. And usually when people ask honest questions where they get stuck, course creators arrogantly shut the questions down, making it look like you are dumb or not putting in enough efforts. We are completely eliminating this dirty behaviour in the market place by throwing in a fully attended Facebook support group where you can drop all your questions, no matter what it is, through the week and I will personally reply them on the group every Sundays.

Proof That We Deliver

Grab the Daily Info Product Sales-System...Quick

Total Value: ₦ 150,000
Regular Price: ₦50,000

Today’s Price: ₦18,000


Why Buy Now?

As you can see, The Daily Info Product Sales System is packed to the brim and everything inside is worth well over 600,000 naira if I decide to sell them individually. Which I will do soon

Immediately after this launch we are going to break everything up into 4 parts, build a funnel for each of them and start selling them with Facebooks ads to even more people. Each part is going to be priced 50,000 Naira.

Multiply that by 4 and you will have to spend 200,000 naira to get this same bundle we are selling at 50,000 naira now. Which means if you buy now you save exactly 182,000 Naira. Wait for later and pay 200,000 naira. The choice is entirely yours.

And If You’re Not 100% Satisfied…Neither Am I

I get it. I’m a small business owner just like you. Money don’t grow on trees and I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product, especially when you have been burnt in the past with other crappy products.
You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that you can get on google in under 30 minutes

But I’m super proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.
That’s why I’m offering a guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that these program will instantly make you a millionaire overnight, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the templates & training inside plus the immense time and stress it will save you.

So use the training, do all the tasks inside, take the training from the beginning to the end and if you don’t make back at least what you invested in this program after applying everything we teach you, show us your work and if you followed the rules and still didn’t make money – you will get your money back

I’ll Impress You so Much I will have you
singin’ Praises for This Program

Seriously, Is Passing Over this Offer Even an Option: Considering How Fast it Will Help You Build Your Next Info Product Business, All the Work it will save you, The Money Back Guarantee if You don’t Like it, and The Fact it Will Send You Money Daily….

....AT THIS CRAZY LOW PRICE OF 50,000 Naira it’s A Smart Buy...

Grab the Daily Info Product Sales-System...Quick

Total Value: ₦150,000
Regular Price: ₦50,000

Today’s Price: ₦18,000


All The Frequently Asked Questions I Know You are Going to ask...

I get it, most marketers sell their courses to you and then leave you out in the rain to fumble through things. I know how frustrating this can be. Especially when you reach out to them and they ignore your messages. Which is why I am making The Daily Info Product Sales System as interactive as possible. When you buy a spot, you automatically qualify to gain FREE access into our exclusive Facebook group where you can post your question and have been FULLY attend to it. I have your back on this one, don’t worry.

Buddy, it is a template system! Everything is broken to bits so that you can understand it even if you have NEVER handled a Laptop in your life. Using my ‘’Keep it simple’’ style of teaching plus all the templates I have packed inside of this, setting your info product business will be as easy as fixing a bulb and turning the switch it on (Well, not that easy – but you get the picture)

Trust me, you need this too. And I am not even talking about how easy all the templates inside will make building funnels, or how fast you can now finish up funnels both for yourself and clients. Or that you can set up a full blown agency with JUST the templates inside this program. I am not even talking about those parts.

But some of the strategies inside the DIPS program will push your results through the roof. Strategies like: One Week Expert Blueprint, 2 Step Quick Money Sales Funnel, One Line Expert Positioning Pitch, Unique Offer Formula, Straight Line Daily Cash Flow Blueprint – CLAP Method, Automated High-Ticket Conversion Formula, Magic Sales Method, plus more.

This will completely inject a new fire into your marketing & trust me, you need to add those to what you do now   

Well, if it doesn’t – it will be very hard to get results from any other course. Why do I say so? Although results are typical, and can be determined by a range of factors that maybe out of my country – this is literally almost like a done with you program. Telling you what to do to set up a Daily Cash Flow info Product business. With the way it is structured, the goal is to help you hit your first $1000 within the first 3 months. So yes, it will make you money.

Grab the Daily Info Product Sales-System...Quick

Total Value: ₦ 150,000
Regular Price: ₦50,000

Today’s Price: ₦18,000